Many healthcare professionals and regulators have experience with cannabis, but few are experts. After all, there are very few high quality professional-level education courses for medicinal cannabis worldwide.

Bedrocan is actively involved in providing training and education. We support the independent professional education courses – the Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis® and mini-Masterclass.

Masterclass – providing professionals with critical insight

Each year, Bedrocan is co-host to the Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis® in the Netherlands. The Masterclass is a one-week course developed by the experienced cannabis researcher Dr Arno Hazekamp.

The Masterclass provides professionals with an in depth exploration of the science, clinical use and regulation of cannabis for medical use. This event brings together the most experienced international speakers and a select group of participants for a high-quality exchange of information.

Participants are from diverse fields and specialties, such as regulators, scientists, clinicians, pharmacy, patient advocacy, and industry. This provides the opportunity for generating inter-professional insight into potential barriers and opportunities to the safe and effective use of medicinal cannabis.

Through the Masterclass we help to provide guidance in the development of medicinal cannabis programs under international standards. At the Masterclass participants:

  • Develop an understanding of medicinal cannabis, especially the science, pharmacology, clinical use, patient preferences and regulatory issues surrounding medicinal cannabis
  • Exchange views with world-class experts in medicinal cannabis
  • Network with key players in the field
  • Discuss emerging country specific medicinal cannabis issues

The next Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis will be held early 2018.

The mini-masterclass

The mini-Masterclass, based upon the one week-course, is designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge on this rapidly expanding class of medicine. The mini-Masterclass is an intensive one- or two-day event providing highly focused insights into medicinal cannabis.

These mini-Masterclass has been held in Canada, Italy and Australia. Please check our Facebook page to discover if there is a mini-Masterclass being held near you.

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