Meet the Team

Tjalling Erkelens
Founder, Chairman of the Board


Under Tjalling’s more than 20-year leadership, Bedrocan has developed and standardised unique methods of producing cannabis to pharmaceutical standards to a level achieved by no other company in the world.

His strong commitment to product quality resulted in the Dutch Bedrocan cannabis plant production facility being approved for GMP by the Dutch Health Authorities in 2017.

Tjalling has led Bedrocan to become the only company in the world producing standardised medicinal cannabis flos exported for patient use in full compliance with the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs (1961).

This enables Bedrocan to supply medicinal cannabis to patients in many countries including Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands and to researchers around the world.

Leo Hartman


Leo Hartman brings more than 30 years of diverse experience to add to Bedrocan’s leadership and expertise. Leo’s main interest is to develop ways for organisations to overcome unparalleled challenges. The large scale manufacturing of a standardised, pharmaceutically quality medicinal product from natural raw materials is just one of those challenges which he successfully surmounts.

Starting as a consultant for Bedrocan in 2007, Leo was more and more inspired as his work progressed with Bedrocan. He moved on to join the Board of Directors and subsequently became the CEO/CFO of Bedrocan International in 2014.

Leo’s proven knowledge of business management and organisational psychology combines well with his natural persuasiveness in motivating employees. His other strengths reside in setting strategic vision and development of Bedrocan International, and maximising resources in achieving organisational goals.

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