It is often difficult for clinical researchers to obtain the licences needed to study cannabis, find standardised cannabis products suitable for research, and deal with practical problems related to studying unconventional ‘medicinal’ preparations. Bedrocan provides consultancy services to support researchers in setting up clinical studies with herbal cannabis or cannabis-based products.

Our consultancy team comprises internal and external experts working in multiple fields of the medicinal cannabis industry such as plant science, laboratory testing, and clinical trial design and regulations. Based in the Netherlands, we are part of a unique hub for innovative cannabis research and product development, and supported by an advanced national medicinal cannabis programme.

Our consultancy team is proudly experienced in:

  • Laboratory testing cannabis products – we have over a decade of experience with release testing medicinal cannabis in the Dutch medicinal cannabis program. All our methods are fully validated.
  • Documentation requirements for clinical research:
    • Administration forms
    • Investigator’s brochures
    • Investigational medicinal product dossiers
  • Legal restrictions on working with prohibited drug substances
  • Health and safety issues related to patients and dispensing
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