Here we describe how products should be dispensed and stored during clinical trials.

We recommend that a certified hospital pharmacy handles the medication, and that the medication is stored in a secure freezer (-20°C) and dispensed by a qualified pharmacy staff. Each study participant should receive their dose based on a medical doctor’s prescription.

The stability of our active products has been established at one year at room temperature. During that time, the main change in the material is spontaneous decarboxylation of THC-acid (THCA) into THC. No significant formation of CBN or delta-8-THC has been observed. In the freezer (-20°C) no degradation was observed after one year. Upon defrosting, degradation resumes in the same manner as cannabis that was never frozen. In other words, no freeze-thaw damage was observed. We recommend keeping our materials in the freezer whenever possible.

The placebo material is a new product, and its shelf-life stability has not yet been established. However, the main components of the placebo are terpenes, which should also be kept stable by storing the product in a freezer. Shelf-life data will be released as soon as it becomes available.

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