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Bedrocan pays absence insurance employee’s premium

The employees of Bedrocan International and Bedrocan Nederland have a SAZAS PLUS insurance. This insurance supplements the income of an employee in the event of illness or an accident, to ensure there is hardly any or no drop in income. In many businesses in the agricultural or green sector employees pay this premium themselves, but as of 1 January 2018 Bedrocan International and Bedrocan Nederland will pay those costs. Employees who used to pay the voluntary premium, will see this reflected on their payslip.

“Absence due to illness or accident is bad enough, but could – particularly when it is long term – have unexpected financial consequences for employees. Not everyone is able to assess those risks”, is how HR Manager Patricia Zeegers explained this ‘unburden measure’. “We consider it important that all our employees are insured properly in the event of illness or an accident. That is why we are moving away from the standard scheme and take responsibility for paying the premium as employer.”

New online corporate movie

The new Bedrocan corporate film is available online. The member of the Flevoland Provincial Executive Jan-Nico Appelman had the honour to show the amended version to the attending public during the official opening of the premises in Emmeloord.

There is a German and a English version too and they can be viewed on YouTube. The video is also available on  Facebook and LinkedInThe request is to share the video as much as possible. Thank you!

If you need the video for a presentation, you can download it from the corporate portal. You can submit a request for access to the corporate portal to

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Engelse versie

Change in commuting expenses Bedrocan International

As of 1 November 2017, employees of Bedrocan International receive a commuting allowance based on € 0.19 per kilometre. To ensure this allowance is completely in line with the rules operated by the Tax Authority, we assume 214 working days on an annual basis for a full-time employee (five days a week). This number takes account of holiday, illness and incidental working from home. The monthly allowance for travel costs is calculated as follows:

214 x travel distance (return) x € 0.19 : 12

For employees with a part-time contract, the calculation is applied pro rata.

This change does not apply to employees of Bedrocan Nederland.

Bedrocan still in the running for Germany

Bedrocan is still a candidate for being allowed to grow in Germany. Recently, the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) invited Bedrocan to explain the German plans. Bedrocan is one of ten candidates that have made it to the next phase of the tender procedure. Bedrocan already has its eye on a site in Germany – Bunde, just across the Dutch border near Bad Nieuweschans.

Bunde is a village of more than 7,500 inhabitants in the German state of Lower Saxony. There is little employment, and according to our corporate lawyer Robert Rademaker, who prepared and supervises the tender for Bedrocan, the local German government is committed creating more jobs. Robert believes Bunde to be an ideal location: “There are a number of interesting subsidy opportunities to help German staff with employment. There is land available that is suitable for a Bedrocan production facility and access is excellent.” Bunde is on the continuation of the A7, a motorway that runs from Groningen to Bad Nieuweschans. Bunde is about 30 minutes by car from the head office in Veendam.

Bedrocan hopes it may produce at least 1,400 kilos of medicinal cannabis for the German market. “That is still a cautious forecast”, commented Robert. “In the end, we expect demand in Germany to be much higher. Our plans provide for being able to scale up easily in order to continue meeting demand in Germany.”

Around the middle of March, the German government is expected to decide on which manufacturer is best qualified and wins the contract for production in Germany.

Grand opening Emmeloord

Bedrocan products to Denmark

The Danish company CannGros has obtained a licence for importing Bedrocan and Bediol products into Denmark. The company also demonstrated interest in Bedromedic, Bedrocan’s own vaporizer that is to be marketed this year. Since the beginning of this year, the Danish government is permitting doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis as part of a four-year pilot project. Denmark only permits the prescription of cannabis produced in accordance with GMP, and that happens to be our speciality.

Meanwhile in Norway

As in many other Scandinavian countries, the interest in standardised medicinal cannabis of pharmaceutical quality is growing rapidly in Norway. Not just amongst patients, but amongst health professionals too. Therefore Mikael Kowal was invited to give a poster presentation during the annual scientific conference on pain treatment at the Rikshospitalet in Oslo and to talk about Bedrocan’s possible input to clinical trials. The immediate cause for his invitation was Leiden University Medical Centre’s study into fibromyalgia and cannabis, which is using Bedrocan®, Bediol® and Bedrolite®.

There were comprehensive discussions with a group of Norwegian specialists about the possibilities for clinical trials in Norway. Mikael also answered questions about standardisation, GMP, administration methods, current scientific knowledge, our placebo material and Bedrocan’s mission and vision.

Hans Bartelds; production manager Bedrocan Nederland

As of the new year, Hans Bartelds has been appointed as Production Manager of Bedrocan Nederland. He succeeds Wouter Dijkstra, who moved to become Clinical Research Manager at Bedrocan International.

Hans (Veendam, 1961) completed a chemical engineering degree at Groningen University (RUG). Over the past 28 years, he gained knowledge and experience as Process Engineer and Production Manager at Avebe, Kisuma Chemicals and FMC Chemicals Netherlands. For quite some time Hans worked for Glucona (a joint venture between Akzo and Avebe), where he became familiar with the pharmaceutical world.

“To organise, structure and motivate”, is how Hans summarises his set of tasks. “My drive comes from the people in the organisation. Bedrocan Nederland is going through an enormous growth spurt at the moment, and the trick is to ensure the processes run as efficiently as possible and to make sure that employees develop with that process and continue to enjoy making their contribution.”

Hans is married to Harma and they have three sons together, who have fled the nest in Meeden. Two of them , Jos (27) and Teun (26), are settled with work and live with a partner, whilst Mart (22) is still on the RUG ‘payroll’ as a student of Biomolecular sciences. A few months ago, Hans and Harma became the proud grandparents of Siem.

Invoices and claims; let’s get digital

Employees who have direct contact with suppliers are requested to have invoices sent directly to our creditors administration, in digital format if at all possible. Their address is: It is also important that the invoice makes clear which Business Unit (Bedrocan International or Bedrocan Nederland) and which site (A1, A2, A5) received the product or service. For more information, please contact the financial controller Sander van Velzen (

Sander is also the point of contact for expenses claims for Bedrocan International. Employees can go to him for the forms. They should be returned to Sander too – completed, signed by the line manager and with receipts. In digital format if at all possible.

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