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German plans adjusted

Last week we received some disappointing news: Bedrocan has not been selected for the German tender. The German government has chosen three other parties; the Canadian companies Aphria and Aurora and the German company Demecan, linked to the Canadian Wayland. The final decision will be made within a couple of weeks, after a period of appeal has passed, and only after this time can we communicate externally. This outcome was always a possibility with 79 participants competing in the tender. We are now establishing exactly why these parties have been chosen, and of course, are open to potentially filing an appeal.

Good news
However, this is also good news for our company, says Tjalling Erkelens: “We can now fully focus on expanding A5! As the German tender is not large enough to fully meet the demand from German patients and it will take up to two years for the German facilities to be up and running, Germany will therefore remain dependent on imports for a large portion of their demand, and who better to import from than us!?”

Introducing… Karolina Ostapenko

Bedrocan International’s Business Development department is growing and a few weeks ago we welcomed Key Account Manager Karolina Ostapenko to the fold. Karolina will be supporting doctors, scientists, patients (and patient organisations), pharmaceutical companies and other interested parties by providing them with scientifically sound information about our products and how best to use them.

Karolina has the right qualifications, experience and motivation for this. She studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and worked in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius (where she was born in 1989) for several years as a pharmacist and store manager, after which she worked in Dublin (Ireland) as a locum pharmacist for various pharmacies. Karolina is no stranger to a bit of adventure either: she found time to play a small part in the drama series Vikings!

After that she moved to Amsterdam, where she supported patients and doctors on behalf of TheSocialMedwork in their quest for modern, innovative medicinal applications to provide tailor-made solutions.

The step to medicinal cannabis is much smaller than it used to be, says Karolina. “It’s important to find out what the patient really needs, and the search for the right treatment is tailored to each individual patient. Cannabis as a medicine fits in well with this, provided that it is produced and distributed responsibly. Bedrocan products have been a good example of this for years. Now that the market is exploding, I hope to contribute in a scientifically responsible way to awareness of medicinal cannabis.”

Brand new expenses claim form in use

Bedrocan has a new claim form for business and travelling expenses. The most important change is that you no longer need to calculate the total amount, which makes calculation errors a thing of the past.

Instructions for its correct use are given in the form. You will find the form below the start screen after logging in to the Bedrocan network.

The quest for a better CBD variant is looking good

Johan and Dolf Erkelens believe they are on the right track. They have been looking for a plant with a higher CBD content for some time now. And now they seem to have found it. The new variant is to replace the current Bedrolite product, which isn’t really getting the desired results.

“This variant was created by chance in our facility. The Bedrolite plant crossed itself and produced new seeds,” says Johan Erkelens. Those seeds were finally brought to Veendam and recently grown by them. As it turns out: this plant contains a higher CBD content than the Bedrolite, as much as 10.3 rather than 8.5 percent. The yield in kilos is also much higher.

Second phase

But it’s still early days. The test is now entering the second phase. Dolf Erkelens: “Currently we have 144 plants growing in a normal growth cell under normal growing conditions. Now it’s up to the plants, and we have to wait and see. After that we’ll do more tests.” The first tests showed a CBD content of 10.3 percent. “This doesn’t seem much compared to the current Bedrolite variety, but because the plant produces better and larger flower buds, the yield is proportionally many times higher.”

Ultimate goal

The ultimate goal is to find a variant with 22% CBD. For this project Bedrocan has entered into partnership with the University of York. Dolf: “They have the specific knowledge to cross plants by means of genetic markers. With a bit of luck, in a year or so they will have grown a plant that can deliver that.  If things go less well, it could easily take about three years.”

Bedrocan in the news

The Belgian government recently gave the green light for the production of medicinal cannabis. Our southern neighbours are aiming for a national programme comparable to the Dutch model, including a cannabis agency. Journalist Dieter Bernaers wanted to know what medicinal cannabis is and what its production entails. He interviewed Tjalling Erkelens and on 1 April the article was published in Het Laatste Nieuws, Belgium’s biggest newspaper.

Overview new employees

We’d like to welcome the following new employees:

Name Role Location
Alessio Bagni Corporate Strategy Analyst Amsterdam
Ole Heil Director of PR & Communications Amsterdam
Marlinde Herbers HR Assistant Veendam
Ingrid Poeteray Receptionist Veendam
Ahmet Taskale Lab Analyst Amsterdam
San Yu Liem Stienstra Scientist and Development Specialist Amsterdam
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