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Business Development and Finance team update

Please be informed that as of July 1 2019 Mauricio Agudelo is no longer working with us.

To ensure business continuity, his former duties in the role of leading the Business Development team have been transferred to Varun Arora with immediate effect, whereas Hans Spits will temporarily cover the duties of the CFO, besides his main role as Finance Manager, until the actual CFO vacancy is filled. Both Varun and Hans are reporting directly to Jaap Erkelens during the transition period.

We appreciate the work Mauricio did for our company, and we wish him the best in his future endeavours.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the HR Department at, who will – together with the leadership team – address those either directly or in a follow-up communication, depending on the number and nature of the questions.

Kind Regards,

Tjalling Erkelens

No further statements about Dutch tender

We expect the new Dutch tender very soon. This probably causes some external pressure, for example from media, consultants, competitors or patients who want to know things about us. It is important that we do NOT respond to that. We cannot and may not make any substantive statements about it during the tendering process.

If you get a question from anyone, always remember not to comment. The standard answer can only be:

“The tender has indeed been launched. Bedrocan is currently studying this. But we make no further statements during the process.”

Any question that might be related to the tender procedure must be shared with the director PR and Communications Ole Heil and legal counsel Robert Rademaker. If someone continues to ask or you feel that this answer above is not sufficient, please contact Ole to discuss this. Never give another answer yourself. Note that this situation in which we cannot give any comment can take quite a while, because we do not yet know exactly what the process will look like and how much time the government needs to make a decision.

If this situation changes in the coming period, we will inform you. For further questions about this we are always available.

Salary increase for most employees

After more than a year there is finally a new CAO agreement for the CAO Glastuinbouw.

Among other things, this agreement includes a salary increase of 3.35%. This increase will take effect on 1 July 2019 and only applies to employees with a gross monthly salary lower than € 4,302.21 (CAO Glastuinbouw H1, artikel 2).

For questions you can contact the HR department at

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