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Bedrocan continues to grow

During the monthly information meetings on A2 and A5 it became clear that Bedrocan is growing rapidly. Demand for our products is increasing internationally, necessitating the expansion of the A5 production facility. In addition, a number of vacancies will also be set up in the coming period, as a result of which the organization will also increase in size. This growth is even noticeable in Amsterdam, where Bedrocan International opened well located office space.

Employee participation

Growth of the organisation asks for employee participation. During the previous meeting, Yvonne Starre (HR) has already lifted a corner of the veil and now Tjalling has announced that Bedrocan wants to have a works council (or works councils) by January 1 2020 at the latest. “We take the time needed to organise things properly”, says Tjalling about this deadline. “There is a lot involved, such as good information for employees and the organisation of elections. We receive help from a professional, experienced party to make sure we do it well. The HR department will manage this process. Meanwhile, we continue to inform each other.”


With a doubling of exports to Germany and demand from Italy, Poland, Macedonia and most probably in the future also the United Kingdom, growth is solid. An Amsterdam office was recently put into use, from which the Business Development and Finance departments of Bedrocan International operate. A decision of the Board regarding expansion of A5 is expected the following weeks. The question here is not whether, but when that expansion starts.

How do we deal with complaints?

Despite the attention we pay to the quality of our products, there are occasional complaints. These complaints are officially handled by our client; the Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC). The OMC investigates the cause of these complaints, because in addition to Bedrocan Nederland (cultivation and processing), other parties also play their part in the chain. Think of testing, decontamination, packaging and shipping. When it becomes clear that the cause lies with Bedrocan Nederland, the OMC will contact our QA department; obviously with the urgent request for improvement.
This year eleven complaints have arrived. “They often deal with the appearance of the product,” says Manager QA Naiem Hakiemi. “One finds the material too dry and there are lots of twigs in it.”
“The complaints are cosmetic, while the product is chemically sound,” adds Jaap Erkelens.

“We have found that – despite a ‘thumbs up’ for the chemical standardisation of the product – the growth form deviates in certain batches, making it more difficult for processing. The product does what it has to do, but it looks different. It is mainly a technical problem that we are now solving.”

Weed killer

Another unforeseen problem was the drought in May and June. As a result, the outside air was not occasionally ‘showered’ and weed killer (herbicide) in gas form entered the production areas (both A2 and A5). In total, five batches (three on A5, two on A2) were contaminated, one of which could still be approved. It is examined whether the other material can be cleaned, so that it can be made suitable for industrial use. Of course we will look for the technical solution to prevent incidents like these.


Update General Data Protection Regulation

We already let you know what the implementation of the new privacy legislation, the GDPR, looked like and what this means for Bedrocan. After two and a half months we have already made a lot of progress. We would like to inform you about this.
Entering into agreements with the parties that process personal data on behalf of Bedrocan has been completed. This means we meet an important requirement of the GDPR; our personal data are externally well protected.
Internally, we are working hard to complete the practical help for employees. For example, the Employee Privacy Policy and the data retention policy are currently being drawn up. These policy rules will soon be on the corporate portal. Note: Only employees with a Bedrocan address have access to the corporate portal. If you do not have a Bedrocan email address, ask your supervisor if you want to see the policy rules.
Conclusion: we have already achieved a lot, but as mentioned earlier, working with the GDPR remains an ongoing process. We will of course keep you informed of further developments in this area.

Within Legal we have made an e-mail address available for questions regarding the privacy legislation: You can also contact Roelien van der Wal (Legal Assistant) for questions.

BHV team complete (and certified)

In addition to ‘quality’, ‘security’ is a fixed value for Bedrocan. We want both employees and visitors to be safe in and around our locations. The government even requires a good company emergency response.

That is why company emergency responders (in Dutch: BHV-ers) are needed. These ER officers know how to fight a starting fire, they can provide first aid and they know how to evacuate people from a building. In addition, they are aware of company-specific risks.

Our BHV-team in action

At the A2 location Petra Amsinga, Gaby Arends, Hilde Haveman and Hedwig Wijkenga are certified. On July 3th, the BHV team on A5 was expanded with Ilse Andringa, Lia van Es, Peter Kort, Manon Kuiper, Boaz Kwakman and Ralph Steele. In case of incidents, the BHV-ers must be warned. Everyone – both staff member and visitor – is obliged to follow the instructions of the BHV-er.

Introducing… Gonneke Hulshof

Bedrocan is a learning organisation. We always want to improve. This places demands on the knowledge and skills of employees and that’s why a training program has been set up. This program ensures that new employees get the ‘good way of producing’ as quickly as possible. It also ensures that ‘older’ employees are constantly up-to-date with the latest developments.

In order to set up and maintain a complete training register and a smooth running program, Gonneke Hulshof has been appointed as coordinator for this training program. The colleagues in Veendam know that Gonneke is not a ‘rookie’; she has been working at Bedrocan for fifteen years, she knows both cultivation and processing and was already involved when Bedrocan Nederland made the switch to ‘pharmaceutical work’ (GMP!).

First Bedrocan BBQ a huge success

From healthy salads to a good piece of meat or vegetarian stick. The first Bedrocan BBQ was well cared for and everybody had a really good time. The liquor flowed abundantly, and even a water pipe was involved – without narcotics of course – which provided the sense of belonging. In the end, some people went for a spin on the dance floor as well.

Corporate portal packed with information

The corporate portal has been around for some time, but not everyone knows how to find it. The portal is an intranet environment that can be accessed via the link The portal is full of useful information about how to set up your email signature, for example. You will also find all internal newsletters, brochures, photos, various manuals et cetera. Anyone with a Bedrocan email address can log in to the corporate portal. You have received a separate email about this; recently or in the past.

New vacancies

Bedrocan has new vacancies that we would like to bring to your attention. Do you know someone who fits the bill, or maybe you are the talent that Bedrocan is looking for? Send the vacancy or apply yourself. Apart from the vacancy of Plant Manager, the vacancies are simultaneously internally and externally issued. With equal suitability, preference is given to an internal candidate.

Yield overview

Audit Syqe Medical; thumbs up

Syqe Medical is a renowned Israeli company that introduced a very advanced vaporizer. That vaporizer is used in hospitals and the cannabis that comes with it is a product cultivated and processed by Bedrocan Nederland. According to pharmaceutical rules, customers regularly audit us. On Friday, September 7, we were (again) visited by a delegation from Syqe Medical. The outcome was positive. The clean production environment was praised and improvement was found in all kinds of areas. There were, of course, shortcomings, and these were largely related to documentation. But under the banner of ‘quality is no coincidence’ we are improving. This underlines that good ways of producing are the basis for quality, safety and delivery reliability.

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