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Our entire Business Development team visits Emmeloord and enjoyed it

For the very first time, the Amsterdam Business Development team visited Emmeloord to get a better understanding of the company and its products. The best way to understand our GMP compliant production process is to actually see it for yourself. The Business Development team was satisfied with and overwhelmed by the high production standards at the A5 premises. “More knowledge creates more confidence in their daily tasks and communication”, said Frane Šunjić who guided them around like a true tour guide.

Project managers Frane Šunjić and Nino Rakić took the team on a tour of our production process. They visited the vegetative room, peeked into production rooms, saw the water factory area, part of processing, the technical area and the area where the expansion takes place. Frane said “Our Business Development team certainly learned the basics of the production process, security and hygiene measures, and the importance of good documentation in production. They also saw the product itself and the associated systems, such as HVACs and driers.”

Our Business Development colleagues can only confirm that. Executive Assistant Mariana de Faria: ‘It was the first time I was behind the scenes. It was awesome. I looked at my colleague Alessio and I saw his eyes sparkling.”

Corporate Strategy Analyst Alessio Bagni: “It’s true. I was amazed by the high pharmaceutical standards. This really helps me in my day to day work. I have been doing a lot of calculations in the office, but now I can really relate it to the process itself. I can now talk with more confidence about our product.”

Corporate Strategy Analyst Mair Nouriev also agrees: “I now saw with my own eyes how important all the single steps in the process are. We are not simple growing something, we are controlling a very complex procedure. Only a company with many years of experience can do this. I talk a lot with people outside the company. Now I know better what the value of our company really is. I can use this in negotiations with clients or partners. And I have a better understanding of all the factors influencing the cost of our production.”

All in all, a very successful, educational and fun visit for the entire company.

Innovative data presented at ICRS

There are more and more cannabis-related conferences worldwide. Bedrocan chooses only events that are close to our heart. The ICRS scientific congress is one of them. Research coordinator Mikael Kowal and Key Account Manager Karolina Ostapenko are currently both at the conference to represent Bedrocan.


Mikael has a special role at the ICRS event. He has prepared a poster about the fibromyalgia study that Bedrocan got involved in.


ICRS stands for International Cannabinoid Research Society. It is an independent organisation promoting scientific research in cannabinoids, the most important components of cannabis.

Every year the global scientific community comes together to share the latest scientific studies. This year the ICRS event takes place in the USA.

It shows innovative data on the complex pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) interactions between THC and CBD in treating fibromyalgia chronic pain.

If you are intersted in the poster content just click on the image to enlarge.

Bedrocan at Cannabis Europa London

The Cannabis Europa conference was held in London for the second time. Bedrocan was one of its sponsors and Tjalling Erkelens participated in a panel discussion about the existing and the future cannabis market. In a huge room, he argued strongly for standardising medicinal cannabis and for a strict separation between medicinal cannabis and the recreational market. In the outside world and at these types of conferences, the two tend to get mixed up. His call for more clinical research into the effects of cannabis also received enormous support from the audience.

Besides many business meetings, there was a special meeting with Yasmin at the end of the conference. This English lady, who now lives in the Netherlands, is seriously ill and suffers from severe allergic reactions to medication, including paracetamol. She says that using Bedrocan with an inhaler is what is keeping her alive, and she wanted to thank Bedrocan in person. Those are the moments that underline why we do this work together.

In London, Bedrocan was also invited for talks with the Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Affairs of Malta and with the Deputy Prime Minister of Lesotho. The dignitaries were full of praise for our company and would like to use our knowledge and expertise in the future. To be continued!

Let us introduce…The Support Team

Although it has been business as usual over the past few months, a real Support Team has been set up without too much fanfare, which – spread across the sites in Veendam, Emmeloord and Amsterdam – serves the Board of Directors, as well as the Management Team and managers, provides product support and performs administrative activities.


The team is also a port of call for questions from externals (reception) and employees. “Efficiency is the key concept”’ says Anthonia ‘An’ Vries, who leads the Support Team as Senior Executive Assistant. “Last year we had just one executive assistant, who often answered the phone. That’s not workable in a fast-growing and international organisation like Bedrocan, so a team was set up, spread across the various sites, where everyone has their own tasks and responsibilities. The reception tasks have become independent, so that information requests and visitors are referred properly straightaway.”

The Support Team

At the moment, the team consists of six people of whom two (Ingrid and Anja) are temps. “That is enough for the time being”, says An, who does not exclude future growth. “Now it’s a matter of having the team do what it was intended for. The organisation can help by going to the right person with questions or wishes.”

An(thonia) Vries
Senior Executive Assistant

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • To team lead  and coordinate requests for the Support Team
  • To support the Board &  MT
  • Agenda management all MT members
  • To prepare/take minutes/follow up MT meetings
  • Management & internal communication report system for PR & Communications, Regulatory Affairs, R&D and Legal
  • Registration for congresses and conferences
  • To book all flights/train tickets and hotel accommodation

Mariana de Faria
Executive Assistant

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • To support the Business Development Team
    • Agenda management
    • Minutes of departmental meetings
    • Management & internal communication report system
  • To support the Financial Team (Controller)
    • Agenda management Controller
    • Management & internal communication report system
  • To support daily operations related to the Amsterdam office

Anja Ringnalda-Faber
Junior Assistant

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • To support project Expansion A5
    • To prepare minutes/ensure outstanding actions are carried out
    • Full project support
  • To support future production-related projects (BN)
    • Full project support

Ingrid Poeteray

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • To deal with incoming and outgoing telephone traffic for BI and BNL
  • To perform minor administrative work

Ina Brust (on sick leave)

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • To deal with incoming and outgoing telephone traffic for BI and BNL
  • To perform minor administrative work

Bianca de Vries

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • To deal with incoming and outgoing telephone traffic for BI and BN
  • To perform minor administrative work

A refresher course for Bedrocan’s First Responders

How do you provide artificial respiration and how do you operate a fire extinguisher? Those were elements that came up during the refresher course of the First Responders team in Emmeloord and Veendam. Like quality, safety is an established Bedrocan value.

In the event of incidents, everyone – employees and visitors – is obliged to comply with the instructions from First Responders (BHV). During an incident they can be recognised by their yellow vests. This is a requirement imposed by the government,  and therefore every business needs to have First Responders. They know how to deal with a starting fire, they can provide first aid and they know how to evacuate people from the premises. They are also aware of risks specific to their business.


The BHV team in Amsterdam falls under the responsibility of WeWork, the organisation that provides our workplaces in Amsterdam. Every week there is a training for new employees in the Amsterdam office about what to do in an emergency situation.

Veendam Emmeloord
Petra Amsinga Ilse Andringa
Gaby Arends Lia van Es
Hilde Haveman Peter Kort
Gonneke Hulshof Manon Kuiper
Hedwig Wijkenga Boaz Kwakman
Ralph Steele
Henny Zuur

Thank you Rose

After much consideration, Rose Taylor from Business Development has decided to move on from Bedrocan and to pursue other interests and goals. Her final day will be Friday, July 12th.

Rose said “It has been a pleasure getting to know everyone, and I have learnt a lot during my time here. I wish you all the best moving forward, and I wish the company every success.”

The Bedrocan Management Team would like to thank Rose for her kind words and her support. In return, here is a link to her fundraising page for the children’s school she visited in Uganda recently, so anyone can donate.

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