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New bins for improved waste separation

We all separate our waste at home, and from now Bedrocan will separate waste more consistently; there is a great role to play here for our employees. The standard bins will soon disappear from the office, and they will be replaced by central bins where waste can be separated.  So plastic with plastic and paper with paper, and everything else is residual waste. Production and processing at A5 will also move to waste separation.

Veendam already separates waste, but A5 not yet. Like every other company, Bedrocan has sustainability obligations. The MT instructed Facility Manager Ralph Steele to find alternatives for the enormous waste flows within Bedrocan. “After the expansion, those waste flows will only increase”, said Ralph.  More suits, hair nets, gloves, cardboard, plastic and other packaging material, but also bulbs, electrical equipment and ink cartridges. Now it all goes on one great heap, but soon it will be sorted and collected separately.

Compression container

Emmeloord will have a compression container that will reduce the volume of the waste. Ralph continued ”There is a lot of air in between the waste and that only takes up room. Fewer lorries will be required to collect the waste, and those are great savings for Bedrocan and environment.”

VGF waste

VGF waste will not be separated within Bedrocan, because it starts to smell and attracts flies. VGF will go with residual waste and will be disposed of sooner than plastic or paper for example. The next step in sustainability would be to reduce the amount of waste. “We could ask suppliers to use less packaging material, but with GMP that is not always possible unfortunately.”

Let us introduce…Marlinda Herbers

In March, the HR Department was reinforced with Marlinda Herbers, who works as HR assistant for Bedrocan Nederland and Bedrocan International. We now have a full complement.

Marlinda (Emmen, 1991) completed the Human Resource Management course at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and gained work experience as an intermediary for a number of different organisations, including Meat Friends in Beilen. Over the past few weeks she has been introduced to Bedrocan. “It is a dynamic organisation where I still recognise the traits of a family business, and a strong international focus at the same time. And one where plenty is happening in the area of HR”, said Marlinda, who was referring to the implementation of the new personnel information system (AFAS) later on this year.

Marlinda and her boyfriend Rik live in Tweede Valthermond together with three Flemish Giant rabbits.  At the moment an injury is preventing her from running, her favourite pastime, so she spends more time in the gym. Otherwise, she is always up for a board game.

Whatever your question, you can contact Henny and the HR Team at

Looking for scientific evidence

Whenever possible, Bedrocan contributes to scientific research into the effects of medicinal cannabis. The world also demands this, because patients and healthcare professionals as well as health insurers and regulators want to know for sure what the medical possibilities of medicinal cannabis are. Mikael Kowal is clinical research coordinator at Bedrocan International. He gives us an update.

Currently, Mikael is working on setting up a clinical research program for Bedrocan. “The general idea is to gather scientific data on the safety and efficacy of our products in treating different medical disorders”, Mikael explains. “However, I am also laying the grounds for Bedrocan to enter a proper pharmaceutical development path. For that purpose, we will need a finished drug product, e.g. cannabis oil, and proceed through all the required phases of clinical research with the aim of obtaining marketing authorization for our cannabis-based medicine.”

A first clinical study with our products was completed last year. Successfully, we understand. Can you tell something more about that?

“At the end of 2018 we published an article in the prestigious journal PAIN on our first clinical study that we completed together with the Leiden University Medical Center. In that study we investigated the effects of our cannabis varieties on chronic fibromyalgia pain with great results. Together with the LUMC, we are now preparing a follow-up investigation to see if our products can reduce the intake of opioids in chronic pain patients.”

What’s more in store for us?

“In addition, I am discussing different clinical projects with universities and research groups from the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. Out of all these projects, two are particularly interesting. One is the possibility of conducting a large-scale, long-term clinical trial on the effects of Bediol on spinal cord injury pain, together with the Spinalis Foundation in Stockholm. If we succeed with this study, not only will we obtain unique and high-quality data on the efficacy of our product on treating this widespread and difficult-to-treat condition, but we will also become the only cannabis company that has conducted research in Sweden in agreement with the rules of the Swedish Medical Drug Agency. That would put us in a unique regulatory position in Sweden.”

“The second clinical project are two interrelated trials on the effects of Bedrocan on Tourette’s Syndrome (TS) that I am discussing with Hannover Medical School. Aside of gathering valuable scientific data on the treatment indication of the OMC for which the least amount of evidence is available, this project may allow us to become involved in a close research collaboration with Syqe and the possibility to use their device in a clinical study.”

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