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2019: What are we going for?

I wish everyone a wonderful and healthy 2019! I’m certain that all of us started the new year on the basis of that principle. We are well aware that ‘wonderful and healthy’ cannot be enjoyed by everyone.

With our company Bedrocan we try to mean something to that group of people; to those people who are not well, because they are ill or even terminal. Naturally, Bedrocan will go for more production, more turnover, more personnel, more quality and more money this year.

But even more importantly, we are looking for more clinical trials and scientific research, more political back-up, and more and better access for real patients who need cannabis as medication.

Let’s go for that. Together!

Tjalling Erkelens
CEO Bedrocan

Invitation to our new year’s toast

Bedrocan Netherlands invites you for a snack and a drink on the days listed below. There will be an opportunity to jointly bring a toast to the new year. Everyone within Bedrocan is welcome.


Monday 14 January 2019

Canteen A2

2:30 – 4:30 pm


Tuesday 15 January 2019

Canteen A5

2:30 – 4:30 pm

Bedrocan out and about

Bedrocan will not be complacent this year. The expansion of A5 has the highest priority, and is essential to meeting the rising demand for medicinal cannabis. Wherever you work in Bedrocan, you will notice something one way or the other. In order to keep everyone in the loop on the developments, CEO Tjalling Erkelens will update you all once a quarter. Plant Manager Willem Mink will discuss progress with employees from cultivation and processing every other month.

The following days are scheduled for 2019:

Emmeloord – A5 Veendam – A2
Week 9 – Wednesday 27 February Week 9 – Tuesday 26 February
Week 17 – Wednesday 24 April Week 17 – Tuesday 23 April
Week 26 – Wednesday 26 June Week 26 – Tuesday 25 June
Week 35 – Wednesday 28 August Week 35 – Tuesday 27 August
Week 44 – Wednesday 30 October Week 44 – Tuesday 29 October
Week 50 – Wednesday 11 December Week 50 – Tuesday 10 December

The time of the sessions with Willem is still to be determined. The meeting in Emmeloord is likely to be split into two to keep the group to a reasonable size and to facilitate interaction.

Apart from these sessions, you will also be updated by your own team leaders on a regular basis.

Senior Thai delegation visit Bedrocan and the Netherlands

In early 2019, a Thai delegation consisting of the Directors and senior members of the Thailand GPO, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Ministry of Health will visit Bedrocan and the Netherlands to fully investigate the potential of cannabis as a medicine. They are most interested in learning more about how Bedrocan and our partners do things. The Dutch tour will include meetings with experts in Cultivation and Plant Science, Manufacturing, Laboratory Analysis, Prescribing and Pharmacy, and of course, Government Regulations.

Much of business in Asia in based on trusting relationships. These types of visits continue to strengthen Bedrocan’s presence in the Asia-Pacific. While this is an educational visit from the Thai’s, it presents favourable opportunities for Bedrocan. A future working partnership with Thailand is plausible.

Asia-Pacific region

The Asia-Pacific region is rapidly evolving. Thailand, in particular, is moving along swiftly – recently permitting the medicinal use of cannabis.

In November 2018, Martin Woodbridge represented Bedrocan in Bangkok to present on the topics of GMP, standardisation, clinical use and pharmacovigilance at the Thai Office of the Narcotics Control Board Symposium.

Following the success of the presentation, Martin was invited on a site tour of the Thai Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO). The GPO is a large pharmaceutical provider with frontline pharmacy throughout Thailand. The GPO holds a Government issued licence for cannabis and is likely to be producing the first outputs for patient use.

Bedrocan obliged to deduct PAWW premium at source

As of 1 January 2019, Bedrocan is obliged to deduct a PAWW premium from the employees’ wages. This is part of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for Greenhouse Horticulture, which governs all Bedrocan employees. PAWW is the abbreviation for Private Unemployment Benefit Supplement and concerns a supplement to state unemployment benefits. You will see this deduction on your next wage slip.

A brief outline of PAWW

Since 1 January 2016 the maximum duration of unemployment benefits has been reduced gradually from 38 to 24 months. With the private PAWW benefits, the maximum duration of unemployment benefits is restored to 38 months.

As employee, you pay the PAWW contribution, which is deducted by Bedrocan from your gross wage and subject to a wage cap. In 2019, the PAWW contribution amounts to 0.30% of your gross wage. The contribution is credited to the PAWW fund that is managed by the foundation Stichting PAWW.

If you become unemployed, you apply for the PAWW benefits yourself one month prior to the end of the state unemployment benefits (WW). The payments are made by the foundation Stichting PAWW. The PAWW payments are governed by the same rules as WW benefits, so an employee is obliged to apply for jobs, there are rules for going on holiday, etc.

A list with FAQs regarding PAWW is available on the website of the foundation stichting PAWW  (in Dutch only).

Restrictions on wage-tax credit for foreign employees

As of 1 January 2019, there are restrictions on applying the wage-tax credit for foreign employees. Employers with foreign employees are obliged to ascertain whether their foreign employee actually resides in the Netherlands. Depending on the outcome, the net salary of foreign employees may be less as of January as a result.

Everyone who lives, works or has income in the Netherlands is obliged to pay income tax on his or her income. The government grants relief on part of that income tax, which is known as the wage-tax credit (loonheffingskorting). In nearly all cases, an employer applies the wage-tax credit and in essence an employee is paid a higher net wage as a result of applying this relief.


The Dutch government noted that foreign tax payers received part of this wage-tax credit without being entitled to it.

Consequently the government is missing out on revenue, and that led to amendments in applying the wage-tax credit.

As of 1 January 2019, only residents of the Netherlands are entitled to the tax component of the wage-tax credit. In principle, non-residents are no longer entitled unless they reside in another EU country, an EEA country (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein) or in Bonaire, Saint Eustatius or SABA. Residents of those countries can still receive the relief by means of their income-tax return, but it is only paid when the employee is actually entitled to it.

If you have questions about whether you are eligible for the relief, please contact the HR Department:

Janny Homan – Bedrocan International

Henny Zuur – Bedrocan Nederland

Overview new employees

We’d like to welcome the following new employees:

Name Role Location
Maikel de Jong Assistent Controller Emmeloord / Veendam
Mariana de Faria Executive Assistant Business Development Amsterdam
Saskia Schulte Phone Operator Veendam

Introducing…Henny Zuur

Two months ago, Henny Zuur started as HR employee for Bedrocan. She only works on personnel issues for employees of Bedrocan Nederland. Describing and weighting the jobs in cultivation and processing are her top priority. She is also working hard on new contracts and payroll.

“I feel totally at home. There is plenty of work to do and that is massively energising. The contact with my new colleagues is really good too,” added Henny when asked. Previously Henny worked as HR Adviser for Isala Klinieken in Zwolle and Zorggroep Oude en Nieuwe Land in Steenwijk. She lives in Zwolle with her husband and her two daughters of 17 and 20. In her spare time she likes to take a sailing boat out on lake IJsselmeer or lake Ketelmeer.

List of Bedrocan Nederland salary-payment dates

As we said earlier in the newsletter, as of 2019 salaries for employees in cultivation and processing are paid monthly rather than every four weeks. The salary for period 13 was paid last Monday. Below you will find the full list of payment dates for your information.


Please remember the following: As of January 2019 you will be paid the contract hours, as included in your employment contract, on a monthly basis. The extra hours you worked (overtime, additional hours or time worked over the weekend) are paid during the next calendar month.

For clarification

If you worked more than your contract hours in January, worked overtime or over the weekend, this will be paid with the February salary.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Henny Zuur, HR employee Bedrocan Nederland

+31 6 13 26 84 68

Salaries will be paid on:

Monday 7 January – period 13
Thursday 24 January
Friday 22 February
Friday 22 March
Wednesday 24 April
Friday 24 May
Monday 24 June
Wednesday 24 July
Friday 23 August
Tuesday 24 September
Thursday 24 October
Friday 22 November
Friday 20 December
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