Our Method

Consistency through standardisation 

Bedrocan is the only company in the world that has the proven capability of producing standardised cannabis flos (whole, dried flower). Through a combination of stable plant genetics, automated, high-tech production techniques, Bedrocan has the capacity to grow varieties containing consistent levels of cannabinoids, every time.

Moreover, we are the first and only medicinal cannabis producer in the world to produce medicinal cannabis according to the EU guidelines for good manufacturing practice (GMP). Our entire production process – from cultivation to packaging – is officially certified.

Our process is also ISO 9001-certified and it meets the European standard of good agricultural practice (GAP).

Why should you care?

For one, it’s not just about stable THC and CBD content from one batch to another. It is also about balancing over one hundred potential active components, from cannabinoids to terpenes.

Standardisation is the only method of ensuring that prescribers and patients can achieve a consistent therapeutic effect over time.

Standardisation assures dosage composition, repeatability and the ability for patients and prescribers to effectively adjust dose by titration. This allows for proper monitoring of the product’s efficacy, safety and potential side effects.

Hence, standardisation enables the comparison of findings from different clinical trials and studies across time. It is also a critical factor for building the evidence-base of for the efficacy medicinal cannabis.

Truly GMP certified

Quality and safety must be validated and proven. GMP (good manufacturing practice) is the highest standard a medicine manufacturer must meet in its production process. Sometimes cannabis producers say they work according to GMP regulations, but no one has ever been officially GMP-approved for the entire process. Bedrocan is.

No milling and blending

A level of standardisation may be achieved by milling and blending varieties with different cannabinoid content. However, this process only creates equal levels of one or two target compounds (typically THC and/or CBD) – not the entire cannabinoid and terpene profile. By comparison, Bedrocan cannabis flos has a consistent cannabinoid and terpene profile, meaning it is produced to the same rigour as traditional prescription medicines.

The world’s most advanced production facilities 

At Bedrocan we abide by the national regulations of each country we do business with. In addition, our international quality assurance measures are proudly achieved with utmost hygiene standards, relevant testing requirements and strict pesticide and fungicide restrictions.

Bedrocan’s production facilities incorporates the proprietary design, software and standardised production techniques developed over decades of cultivation experience in the Netherlands.

Our indoor growing rooms use state-of-the-art environmental control technologies to control all variables, including light, temperature and nutrient water. Each of these rooms is sealed with special doors to prevent contact with airborne contaminants. Our production process has been specifically refined to grow standardised cannabis flos without the use of any pesticides. Every week a fresh batch can be harvested, 52 weeks per year, to a schedule we can predict years in advance.



Each of our products was bred to meet different and changing needs of patients who require access to multiple standardised varieties, with different cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Each cultivar originates from one single seed. Our plants are grown by multiplying the original plant material. Bedrocan uses proprietary vegetative propagation techniques to give our products remarkable genetic stability. This method prevents ‘genetic drift’, a problem resulting from repeated vegetative propagation of old mother plants, which can cause major changes and weakness in the plant over time.

Bedrocan takes the science of cannabis cultivation very seriously. We have developed unique, proprietary processes which bring unparalleled precision to cannabis production. During the entire growth process and the processing we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that the cannabinoid (THC, CBD) levels are constant and that no harmful microorganisms find their way in to our product. Each batch is checked to confirm it meets the required levels of essential components (THC, CBD). These tests are required by the government and done by an independent laboratory.


Cutting is obtained

Transplanting at Bedrocan

Plants are placed into rockwool


Growing room

Drying, Processing and Packaging

Drying, processing and packaging takes place in a separate, specialised compartment of our facilities. After the cannabis is dried the flowers are completely manicured. This trimming is done manually, as it guarantees an extra visual control. Besides that this method protects the trichomes, the fine outgrowths of the cannabis plant that contain the important constituents.


The harvested cannabis plant is dried


The stems and leaves are removed


The cannabis flos is packaged

All products are exposed to gamma radiation to eliminate objectionable micro organisms, like fungi and bacteria. This process ensures the cannabis flos is safe for inhalation by immune-compromised patients.

No pesticides or heavy metals
The cannabis plant can quickly take up heavy metals. Therefore every batch is individually sampled and checked for the presence of heavy metals as specified in the Dutch monograph. Each batch is also tested for the absence of pesticides, even though we do not use pesticides in our production process at any time.

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