API & Raw Materials

Bedrocan is the only company in the world with the proven capability of producing standardised cannabis flos (whole, dried flower) as an API (active pharmaceutical ingredient). Through a combination of stable plant genetics, automated, high-tech production techniques, Bedrocan has the capacity to grow varieties containing consistent levels of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Flos or industrial form

The five Bedrocan products are available as a whole, dried flower or flos, and in industrial form. The varieties in dried flower form can be used as a raw material for pharmaceutical product development or as an API. The industrial form can be used as a starting material for pharmaceutical product development.

API – Trichome powder

Bedrocan can also provide the five varieties, subject to regulatory approval, as dry extracts or trichome powder. Trichome powder can be used as an API to manufacture THC or CBD isolates as well as full-spectrum cannabis oil. Because of its high concentrations, the use of the powder is far more cost-efficient for manufacturers of an end product than using the whole cannabis flower as a starting material, which includes both trichomes and plant material. Besides, the oil prepared from this powder is much cleaner than what is now available in compounding pharmacies as no plant material and solvents are used during the extraction process.

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