A clinical primer

A guide to the rational use of cannabis-based medicines. Cannabis-based medicines are increasingly being made available on a global level. It is important that prescribers, pharmacists and nurses are equipped with practical, evidence-based guidance to support decision-making, and to improve communication of the benefits and risks of these medicines with their patients. This clinical primer draws on clinical research, clinical observations, and professional experiences to provide useful, real-world insights to the rational use of cannabis-based medicines.

clinical primer

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A primer to medicinal cannabis

Access to reliable, evidence-based information still hinders the prescribing of pharmaceutical quality cannabis for therapeutic use. This booklet discusses the therapeutic use of cannabis. That means we are not talking about pot, marijuana, grass, or dope for recreational use to get ‘high’. It focusses strictly on medicinal cannabis. It is meant to give health care professionals, regulators and patients insights into the medical and scientific aspects of Cannabis sativa L. and how this plant fits in the chain of therapeutic options.


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The brochure A primer to medicinal cannabis is also available in German and Dutch.

White papers


A white paper promoting novel standards for the cultivation of pharmaceutical-quality cannabis for medicinal and scientific use.


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