GMP Certificate

What a GMP certificate means at Bedrocan

GMP at Bedrocan means we produce medicinal cannabis to the highest quality, end-to-end, batch-to-batch, to provide patients and prescribers with reliable and safe products.

GMP certificate

Bedrocan is the world’s first producer of medicinal cannabis to be compliant with the European Medicines Agency’s good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards.

Our GMP-approved production facilities in the Netherlands covers the whole production process including:

  • Cutting
  • Harvest
  • Processing – drying & grinding of plant material
  • Primary and secondary packaging

No other company is yet capable of achieving this.


GMP may apply to only a single step, or the entire production process. At Bedrocan, GMP is not just about the packaging of cannabis flos, or production of an oil extract. Bedrocan is the only end-to-end producer of GMP-certified medicinal cannabis flos, anywhere. Our GMP practices start from the very first step, the clone, right through to the finished product, cannabis flos (the whole, dried flower).

All Bedrocan facilities operate according to GMP guidelines, which is an inherent part of the Bedrocan Quality Management System. Each location clearly documents all aspects of the production and testing process. Our personnel, premises and materials meet the highest standards.


Medicines must have a clearly defined composition. Because of our unique standardisation method we meet this important GMP requirement. This means the cannabinoid and terpene content is consistent from one batch to another.

Such consistency is important for:

  • Doctors and their patients – to assure dosage composition and repeatability
  • Researchers – to compare findings from clinical trials and studies across time
  • Industry – to access GMP-certified active pharmaceutical ingredient, and therefore guarantee seamless GMP manufacturing

Reliable and safe products for patients

Our products are reliable because each variety contains a consistent amount of cannabinoids and terpenes. They are also free of contaminants such as microbes, pesticides and heavy metals. These qualities make Bedrocan cannabis flos safe for vaporization and inhalation into the lungs.


Since 2003, Dutch patients have had access to the high quality medicinal cannabis produced by Bedrocan. Today those same quality products can now be found in many pharmacies worldwide. Bedrocan’s Dutch grown cannabis flos is supplied to patients and researchers in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Israel, Macedonia, the Netherlands and Poland.

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