Importing cannabis

Those wishing to import Bedrocan products must submit proper documentation to the Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC), including:

  • two original import licences
  • an accompanying letter describing the quantity of materials required and the purpose for which it will be used

The medicinal cannabis flos for export is grown under standardised conditions by Bedrocan in the Netherlands. Bedrocan is the only medicinal-grade cannabis producer contracted by the Dutch Ministry of Health. The supply of cannabis flos for medical and scientific purposes is through the OMC.

The OMC oversees the production and distribution of medicinal cannabis in compliance with European pharmaceutical regulations and international treaty obligations. The OMC receives import licence applications, and assists with phrasing the exact description of orders, so it will be acceptable to the Dutch authorities to provide a matching export licence.

However, placebo cannabis products are ordered directly from Bedrocan. Please contact us by using the research contact form.

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