Bedrocan opens its own cannabis Clinical Research Unit

Bedrocan, which for years has only supported external researchers financially, has opened its own Clinical Research Unit to conduct research into the effects of the cannabis products it produces on behalf of the Dutch government. Dutch cannabis researcher Matthijs Bossong will lead the Clinical Research Unit in Utrecht, Netherlands.

The Clinical Research Unit has long been a wish of Bedrocan’s Chief Scientific Officer Mikael Kowal: “Much research is being done worldwide with these products, but then other scientists decide what is being investigated. Now, we take the lead by conducting our own research.”

The first study has already been approved by a Medical Ethics Committee. Mikael: “We will take a closer look at two products: Bedrocan® and Bediol®. The study will determine the risk factors of cannabis use and hopefully serve as a guide to patients on how to use these products safely, i.e. in a way that does not cause anxiety or psychotic symptoms.”

Clinical Research Unit with Matthijs Bossong & Mikael Kowal
Matthijs Bossong & Mikael Kowal

Chronic pain

The future plan is to put together a cohesive clinical research program that addresses relevant scientific issues, such as chronic neuropathic pain. Matthijs Bossong: “There is scientific evidence that medicinal cannabis can help with certain conditions, including chronic pain. However, the problem with clinical research with cannabis is that there are large differences between studies. For example, the administration route, dosage and cannabis composition may vary, which makes the results difficult to interpret. We will conduct research with the standardised products Bedrocan produces, which will hopefully contribute to the willingness of doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis.”

Clinical Research Unit

CEO Jaap Erkelens is very pleased with the opening of Bedrocan’s research unit: “Bedrocan can now conduct targeted research into the effects of the cannabis products it produces on behalf of the Dutch government. That is the only way to obtain official recognition of the safety and efficacy of these products by regulatory authorities worldwide. This is a goal the company has always strived to achieve, and now it is one step closer with the opening of the Clinical Research Unit.”

Bedrocan is an EU GMP-certified producer of pharmaceutical-grade medicinal cannabis. The high-quality products are used as pharmaceutical raw materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Bedrocan operates multiple indoor cultivation facilities and an R&D facility in the Netherlands. Soon, a brand new production facility will open in Denmark.

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