Bedrocan to establish a manufacturing facility in Denmark

Bedrocan is expanding its production capacity with the establishment of a new GMP-approved facility for the cultivation and packaging of medicinal cannabis in Denmark. The new facility will be located in Køge, which is 30 kilometres south of Copenhagen.

Meeting international demand

The main reason for Bedrocan to expand into Denmark is to better meet the growing international demand for its high-quality medicinal cannabis products. Under the current legal framework in the Netherlands, Bedrocan’s products are only available via the Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC), part of the Ministry of Health. Bedrocan expects to significantly improve the availability of its products to vulnerable patients globally. In Denmark, Bedrocan can conduct business directly with other commercial entities.

The new facility will comply with all relevant regulatory requirements (GACP and GMP). Products from this facility are initially meant to supply European medicinal cannabis markets. The facility will employ approximately 40 staff and will be operational by the end of 2023.


The facility starts off by producing some of the currently known Bedrocan varieties, such as Bedrocan® and Bediol®, plus a new high CBD variety. The dried cannabis products are processed in a cut form (sometimes referred to as granulate) in small and large packaging. For the manufacturing of extracts and isolates, it is also possible to obtain whole-plant cannabis from the Danish facility.

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