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a. What is medicinal cannabis used for?

Cannabis can have a relaxing effect on the body and mind. It can also be used as a painkiller, as an anti-inflammatory, and to prevent weight loss, nausea and vomiting. In some cases cannabis promotes sleep and appetite.

There is sufficient scientific evidence to demonstrate that cannabis is effective for the treatment of:

  • Pain, muscle cramps and convulsions caused by MS and spinal damage
  • Nausea, diminished appetite, emaciation and weakness caused by cancer and AIDS
  • Nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy to treat cancer, hepatitis C and HIV infections and AIDS
  • Chronic pain – especially if caused by the nervous system. Examples include damaged nerve bundles, phantom pain, facial neuralgia and chronic pain that remains following recovery from shingles
  • Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
  • Therapy-resistant glaucoma

Also, more and more information and positive feedback is being received from patients and doctors concerning the efficacy of cannabis for other disorders. However, this is has not yet been sufficiently scientifically demonstrated. Examples include Crohn’s disease, colitis ulcerosa, epilepsy, pruritus (itching), migraine, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, ADHD and brain trauma.

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b. In what countries is Bedrocan available?

Bedrocan’s medicinal cannabis is being made available in more and more countries. Our site contains a list of countries where Bedrocan is available.

c. Can I order medicinal cannabis (flos/oil) directly from Bedrocan?


No, you cannot order medicinal cannabis from Bedrocan. Bedrocan’s products are available exclusively on prescription. Your GP or treating specialist can prescribe Bedrocan’s medicinal cannabis. Provided that your government issues medicinal cannabis in your country, you can take the prescription to your own pharmacy.

You can also collect Bedrocan products in the Netherlands with a valid European doctor’s prescription. You can take this prescription to any Dutch pharmacy. It is however advisable to check whether the pharmacy stocks medicinal cannabis.

Medicinal cannabis oil made of cannabis produced by Bedrocan is exclusively available on prescription from a number of Dutch pharmacies. Please check our contact page for the latest list.

Bear in mind that you can only take medicinal cannabis back to your own country with an import licence. You should therefore always start by contacting the authorities in your own country. The Dutch Office for Medicinal Cannabis issues the export licence once the import licence has been issued.

Please note: Medicinal cannabis oil cannot be exported from the Netherlands.


Bedrocan produces medicinal cannabis as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). Bedrocan does not produce cannabis oil.

Orders for cannabis flos can be placed directly with the Dutch Office for Medicinal Cannabis (OMC). This government agency is responsible for distribution and export. Follow the procedure given on the OMC website. For advice you can always contact us directly.

d. How much do Bedrocan products cost?

The prices of each product differ between countries. The price in the Netherlands is set by the Office of Medicinal Cannabis.

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e. Are Bedrocan’s products irradiated?

Yes, all Bedrocan products are gamma-irradiated by an external irradiation firm. This method sterilises products and gives them a longer shelf life. The irradiation is done on behalf of the Office of Medicinal Cannabis.

Cannabis naturally contains a number of micro-organisms that can cause dangerous infections in people with a poor state of health. Irradiation with gamma rays destroys these micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi.

Irradiation does not adversely affect the quality of the product or people’s health. Nor is the product made radioactive, as is sometimes thought.

Does irradiating cannabis make it carcinogenic?

Irradiating cannabis does not make it carcinogenic. Carcinogens are only caused in very small quantities when food containing a lot of fat, such as meat and eggs, is irradiated. Cannabis does not contain any fat, and this process therefore does not occur.

Irradiation does not affect medicinal cannabis

f. Does Bedrocan use pesticides?

No, Bedrocan does not use any pesticides. During the cultivation process Bedrocan only uses biological crop protectors to repel harmful insects. Also, Bedrocan only grows cannabis indoors, so that there are no external factors that can cause contamination. Strict hygiene measures prevent contamination with germs.

More information about our method.


g. Are Bedrocan’s products tested?

Following each harvest the cannabis is tested by an independent laboratory for the presence of undesirable substances such as heavy metals, pesticides and contamination with other pathogens.

The products are also tested for substances such as THC and CBD. Bedrocan’s products always have the same composition and therefore always contain the same quantity of active substances. This is government controlled.

Batches of medicinal cannabis are not released until they have been fully approved.

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h. Can I import medicinal cannabis from the Netherlands?

The Dutch Office for Medical Cannabis (OMC) exports medicinal cannabis to various countries on request. This can also be done for individual patients. Follow the procedure given on the OMC website.

For some countries separate rules apply, this is the case for the Canadian market where import and export of medicinal cannabis is restricted.

Please note: Medicinal cannabis oil is not exported from the Netherlands.

I take oil that I bought online. Is that oil made of medicinal cannabis?

We are unable to comment on the composition of the oil of other producers because we do not know which substances they contain. However, recent tests have shown that more than half of the studied CBD oils contain the carcinogen polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). The substances listed on the packaging do not correspond to the actual content.

i. Where can I find more information about the use of medicinal cannabis?

Bedrocan has published an introductory text to the therapeutic use of cannabis. This brochure gives health care professionals, regulators and patients insights into the medical and scientific aspects.

Go to our download page to get a free copy.


j. Will Bedrocan’s products return to the Canadian market?

Many Canadian patients have been asking us when they can order our products again. Due to an export and import restriction for medical cannabis from the Netherlands to Canada according to international laws and regulations, Bedrocan is not allowed to undertake any business activities in or related to Canada.

We would like to see this situation change. As a company, we strive to develop and deliver the full medical potential of the cannabis plant to those in need worldwide. We are doing our utmost to make our return to Canada happen as soon as possible, but unfortunately, we cannot provide any insight into the further course of this restriction.

What is medicinal cannabis?

Medicinal cannabis is cannabis that is dispensed exclusively by pharmacies and is used as a medicine. Bedrocan’s medicinal cannabis is of pharmaceutical quality and meets the highest standards. As with ordinary medicines, the composition of the active substances in our cannabis is always the same.

Bedrocan’s products are also guaranteed to be free of pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria and fungi. Each batch is tested for this by an independent laboratory.

No rights can be derived from these FAQs. The information has been obtained from sources including our website and brochures of the Office for Medicinal Cannabis (OMC), and the booklet Primer for medicinal cannabis, which can be downloaded from our website.

Where mention is made of medicinal cannabis, this refers to the products Bedrocan®, Bedrobinol®, Bediol®, Bedrolite® and Bedica®.

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