Can I order medicinal cannabis (flos/oil) directly from Bedrocan?

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No, you cannot order medicinal cannabis from Bedrocan. Bedrocan’s products are available exclusively on prescription. Your GP or treating specialist can prescribe Bedrocan’s medicinal cannabis. Provided that your government issues medicinal cannabis in your country, you can take the prescription to your own pharmacy.

You can also collect Bedrocan products in the Netherlands with a valid European doctor’s prescription. You can take this prescription to any Dutch pharmacy. It is however advisable to check whether the pharmacy stocks medicinal cannabis.

Medicinal cannabis oil made of cannabis produced by Bedrocan is exclusively available on prescription from a number of Dutch pharmacies. Please check our contact page for the latest list.

Bear in mind that you can only take medicinal cannabis back to your own country with an import licence. You should therefore always start by contacting the authorities in your own country. The Dutch Office for Medicinal Cannabis issues the export licence once the import licence has been issued.

Please note: Medicinal cannabis oil cannot be exported from the Netherlands.


Bedrocan produces medicinal cannabis as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). Bedrocan does not produce cannabis oil.

Orders for cannabis flos can be placed directly with the Dutch Office for Medicinal Cannabis (OMC). This government agency is responsible for distribution and export. Follow the procedure given on the OMC website. For advice you can always contact us directly.

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