Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

Bedrocan produces standardised cannabis in various formats as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) of pharmaceutical quality, to meet the needs of large and small drug developers.


Cannabis Products

Bedrocan is the world’s most experienced producer of legal medicinal cannabis. If you are considering cannabis as a therapy, choose a producer that has taken the time to develop reliable cannabis products.


Medicinal Cannabis

What sets the cannabis plant apart from all others are the unique chemicals it contains, the cannabinoids. The most well-known of these are THC and CBD.


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Standardised medicinal cannabis from Bedrocan

Bedrocan is the only company in the world that can supply standardised medicinal cannabis. All our varieties are of consistent composition and quality. They are guaranteed free of heavy metals and pesticides. In addition, the Bedrocan products are completely microbiologically pure.

Bedrocan produces various strains, each with a unique composition in terms of THC and CBD: Bedrocan®, Bedrobinol®, Bediol®, Bedica® and Bedrolite®.

Cannabinoids: active substances of the plant

The chemicals that occur naturally only in the cannabis plant, called cannabinoids, are particularly valuable to patients.

The best known and most common is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or dronabinol) and has numerous effects in humans and animals. This substance has a mind-altering (psychotropic) effect. In addition, the plant contains cannabidiol (CBD), the main non-psychotropic cannabinoid.

Doctors can prescribe medicinal cannabis from Bedrocan or medicinal oil (weed oil, THC oil or CBD oil), which is made from Bedrocan cannabis.


In recent decades, scientific knowledge about cannabis has grown enormously and interest in the medicinal use of the plants has grown worldwide. Medical marijuana is legally available to patients in more and more countries.

It cannot cure disease, but it can control and suppress unpleasant symptoms. According to the OMC (the Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis – part of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport), there is sufficient scientific data to show that medicinal cannabis has a beneficial effect. It is used for various diseases, such as (chronic) pain and muscle spasms.

In addition, patients indicate that they benefit from the use of cannabis for various other conditions, although the scientific evidence is not always sufficient.

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