Ordering Cannabis

Orders for cannabis as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) can be placed directly with the Dutch Office for Medicinal Cannabis (OMC). This government agency is responsible for distribution and export. Therefore businesses and researchers wishing to use Bedrocan’s cannabis or cannabis extracts must contact the OMC at all times. Their contact details can be found on the OMC website. However, placebo cannabis products are ordered directly from Bedrocan. Please contact us by using the research contact form.

Note to patients

You cannot order medicinal cannabis from this website, nor do we deliver directly to patients. Bedrocan’s cannabis products are available exclusively on prescription. Your GP or treating specialist can prescribe Bedrocan’s medicinal cannabis. Provided that your government issues medicinal cannabis in your country, you can take the prescription to your own pharmacy.

Importing cannabis

For import the following documents must be submitted to the OMC:

  • Two original import licences
  • An accompanying letter describing the quantity of materials required and the purpose for which it will be used.

Once the documents have been received, the OMC will draw up a contract in duplicate, and an invoice for delivering the cannabis. The OMC will then apply to the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate (Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd) for an export licence. Once the signed contract has been returned, the cannabis or cannabis extracts can be delivered by the OMC.


The OMC delivers cannabis API in bulk packages containing 250 grams of plant material. However, the packaging form can be adjusted according to specific needs.

Transport costs will be relatively lower when a larger quantity is ordered at once. However, this option depends on the current availability of cannabis and your urgency to obtain the materials.

Delivery time

All of the cannabis varieties are produced on a regular basis by Bedrocan in batches of 20 kg. However, before it is possible to estimate the time of delivery, the ordered cannabis needs to be factored into the production schedule. Only then is it possible for us to estimate an expected date of delivery.


The OMC is the institution which will provide you with the price for the active cannabis. Bedrocan delivers its cannabis to the OMC, who then determines pricing, packaging and export. Consequently, we invite you to contact the OMC directly.

Costs include the application fee for the export licence and contract and transport costs.


The OMC has ample experience with sending cannabis products around the world. A trusted courier will be used for handling the delivery.

Role of the OMC

The cannabis API is grown under standardised conditions by Bedrocan in the Netherlands. Bedrocan is the only medicinal-grade cannabis producer contracted by the Dutch Ministry of Health. The supply of cannabis API for pharmaceutical and scientific purposes is through the OMC.

The OMC oversees the production and distribution of medicinal cannabis in compliance with European pharmaceutical regulations and international treaty obligations. The OMC receives import licence applications, and assists with phrasing the exact description of orders, so it will be acceptable to the Dutch authorities to provide a matching export licence.

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