Documentary ‘The Doctor- Franjo Grotenhermen’ to be premiered

On 3 June, the documentary The Doctor – Franjo Grotenhermen will be premiered. It’s about the life of a pioneering physician in Germany and the first in the healthcare sector to foster the therapeutic potential of medicinal cannabis in Europe.

Meet Franjo Grotenhermen in person

The premiere will be held in Amsterdam, at the LAB111 cinema at 7.30 pm. Franjo Grotenhermen will also be present at the event, offering a unique opportunity to meet The Doctor in person.

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Franjo Grotenhermen

Award-winning documentary

The documentary takes place during the 10th Conference on Cannabinoids in Medicine in Berlin in 2019, organised by the International Association for Cannabinoids in Medicine (IACM), which Franjo co-founded and directed for several years.

This award-winning documentary is a journey through his life and work over the last 30 years with interviews with his colleagues and fellow scientists like Raphael Mechoulam, Mark Ware, Kirsten R Müller-Vahl and Manuel Gúzman. Our CEO Tjalling Erkelens is also featured in an interview as one of the people Franjo met in his journey.

About the film director

Edu Hernández, born in Spain, is a filmmaker and photographer focused on journalism and documentaries.

With a passion for journalism, it is his obsession to tell what happens in social conflicts and to reflect true stories of almost unlikely characters. One of his documentaries, Refugees, has already won awards at five film festivals. It has also been nominated at six other festivals, and it was also selected to raise awareness among the world leaders during the World Government Summit 2017 in Dubai.

Since 2017 he has been working as an independent filmmaker. As a photographer, he worked for local as well as international artists, such as Concha Buika, Miguel Poveda, Fuel Fandango and Nynke Laverman.

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