IMC Nederland to Copenhagen at the invitation of the Danish government

Together with the Danish Technology Institute, Invest in Denmark recently held the symposium: Medicinal Cannabis, from plant to patient. Invest in Denmark is part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is committed to attracting foreign companies to Denmark. Medicinal cannabis has recently become one of their spearheads. This edition was all about collaboration and partnership. To explain how the Institute for Medicinal Cannabis (IMC) in the Netherlands promotes cooperation and partnership, IMC board member Ole Heil, also director of Communication & Government Affairs at Bedrocan, spoke at this symposium at the invitation of the Danish government.

IMC good example

Heil: “Since 2018, dozens of new companies have started up in Denmark, and research has really taken off. This is largely due to the favorable regulations, but also due to the efforts of the government. It actively supports parties in the sector, which is bearing fruit with dozens of new companies and research projects.”

Bedrocan proud partner of the IMC

Bedrocan has joined the IMC because it allows us to contribute to the knowledge about medicinal cannabis among doctors, pharmacists and patients in the Netherlands and to facilitate medical research.

“Something the Danish government would like to see more of is mutual cooperation. It aims to create a sustainable ecosystem of companies, doctors and researchers. At the moment the cooperation is still relatively limited.”

“We had the same situation in the Netherlands, but within the IMC, Dutch medical researchers, pharmacists, universities and companies, including Bedrocan, are now working together in the field of information and coordination of investigations. The IMC does this independently and on a non-profit basis. We also serve the interests of parties in the medicinal cannabis chain.”

Medicinal cannabis in Denmark

On January 1, 2018, a trial program with medicinal cannabis started in Denmark. This program makes it possible for doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis and for companies to develop commercial activities with medicinal cannabis. The pilot was extended by the Danish Parliament for a further four years for doctors and patients in March 2021. The commercial activities have even been made possible on a permanent basis. Medical cannabis has rapidly developed into a major industry in Denmark in those four years. Since the start of a trial period, a vibrant sector has emerged in the chain of breeding, production, processing and development of medicinal cannabis products.

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