Metered dose cannabis inhaler enables precise cannabis treatment

Precise cannabis treatment dosing remains a major challenge, leading to physicians’ reluctance to prescribe medical cannabis. A recent feasibility trial demonstrates that a metered dose cannabis inhaler, produced by Syqe Medical and containing processed Bedrocan cannabis, enables individualisation of medicinal cannabis regimens. “This study is the first to show that human sensitivity to THC is significantly greater than previously assumed, indicating that if we can treat patients with much higher precision, lower quantities of drug will be needed, resulting in fewer side effects and an overall more effective treatment. The Syqe drug delivery technology is also applicable to opioids and other compounds that, while potentially effective, are notoriously associated with dangerous side effects. The introduction of a tool to prescribe medications at such low doses with such high resolution may allow us to achieve treatment outcomes that previously were not possible,” said Perry Davidson, Syqe Medical CEO.

Cannabis as an effective treatment for pain

According to dr. Mikael Kowal – Clinical Research Coordinator at Bedrocan International – this outcome is an important step for developing cannabis as an effective treatment for pain. “Syqe Medical’s randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial demonstrated that a metered-dose cannabis inhaler containing processed Bedrocan cannabis was able to dose-dependently produce analgesia in 24 patients with neuropathic pain/complex-regional pain syndrome (CRPS),” says Kowal. “As such, the results indicated that the inhaler can effectively be used to deliver precise doses of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis that can produce an analgesic effect with lower amounts of THC, than in the case of other administration methods. It remains very interesting to see if the pain-reduction resulting from inhaling low and precise doses of THC will remain stable in the long-term. That is definitely a question for future research with this promising device.”

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