Prescribing Cannabis

Bedrocan produces five strains of medicinal cannabis ‘flos’ – the technical term for the whole, dried female flower. Each strain is standardised according to pharmaceutical standards with a defined active ingredient composition.

THC 22% |  CBD <1.0%

THC 13.5% | CBD <1.0%

THC 6.3% | CBD 8%

Bedica ®
THC 14% | CBD <1.0%

THC <1.0% | CBD 9%

For more information about the Bedrocan products please check the section Cannabis Brands.


In a recent study, the specific Bedrocan products that Dutch patients use on prescription were compared with the indications they suffered from. The graphs below show the most commonly reported indications, classified by the Bedrocan product used. The Y-axis values can be interpreted as the percentage of patients using a specific cannabis product (respondents could select multiple products).

For almost all indications, the product Bedrocan is the most commonly used.

According to the Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC), inhaled cannabis with a high CBD level (such as Bediol) is considered appropriate for symptoms such as pain, spasms and inflammation, which often occur with MS patients. It is also used by patients with other illnesses and symptoms. In particular, the OMC advises to begin with Bediol when suffering from chronic nerve pain.

Dosage varies from patient to patient. It is important that the dosage is titrated (built up) slowly, whichever product is used. It is important to find the right dose for each individual patient in order for them to fully benefit from medicinal cannabis. Most unwanted side effects of medicinal cannabis may be prevented by following just a few simple guidelines:

  • Low dose – it is better to take several small doses in a day that add up to the required result, than to experiment with one single large dose.
  • Patience –  cannabis may have a different effect on each patient. Wait for the effect (if any) to appear. It’s best to use the same (low) dose for several days, and monitor any effects that may occur.
  • Increase dose slowly – after a few days the patient can increase the dose, but slowly. Take a few days after each increase to monitor progress.

In about 1-2 weeks the patient should be able to find their own, personalised dose that gives the greatest medicinal effects with minimum side effects.

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