Bedrocan sponsors ICRS scientific congress

There are more and more cannabis-related conferences worldwide. Bedrocan chooses only meetings about the medicinal use of cannabis or where we can tell our story about GMP-quality medicinal cannabis. The ICRS symposiums is close to our heart.

The event

This year it will be held in Leiden, the Netherlands (30 June to 5 July). ICRS, the peak International Cannabinoid Research Society, is an independent organisation promoting scientific research in cannabinoids, the most important components of cannabis.

ICRS provides impartial information about cannabis and cannabinoids. It is also provides a forum for research discourse, and a platform to share scientific the latest studies. This year the global scientific community meet in Leiden where Bedrocan is one of the principal sponsors.

Events 2018

During the year, you can catch up with Bedrocan, when we present at the following international conferences:

Event Location Date
Cannabis Europe Cannabis Europe London, United Kingdom 22 May
World Cannabis Congres World Cannabis Congress New Brunswick, Canada 10 – 12 June
Medical Cannabis Medical Cannabis ‘Controversies in Cannabis-Based Medicines’ Vienna, Austria 24 & 25 June
ICRS ICRS Leiden, the Netherlands 30 June – 5 July

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