MYCB1 brings full-spectrum extracts from Bedrocan varieties to Germany

MYCB1, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in the Netherlands, is launching full-spectrum, GMP-certified extracts from Bedrocan varieties in Germany. Initially, the company will market two products made from Bedrocan® and Bediol®, named BDR and BDO.

Both products are already registered in Germany and ready for distribution. MYCB1 CEO, Ernesto Diringuer, is excited about this new development and the opportunity to meet German patients’ needs for high-quality cannabis products: ” We see this as an unprecedented achievement in the cannabis industry. It also marks a significant milestone for MYCB1 as we strive to provide patients with access to the highest quality cannabis-based medicines.”

Full-spectrum extracts in Germany

According to insurance reimbursement data, the German market for cannabis extracts has been growing in the past years. However, there are still limited options of full-spectrum extracts for German doctors to prescribe. Now, pharmaceutical-quality, full-spectrum extracts made from Bedrocan’s raw materials can be added to the list.


The company expects to be able to supply a high number of German pharmacies, clinics and hospitals. Initially, only extracts from Bedrocan® and Bediol® are available. But a full-spectrum extract from Bedrolite® will also be added to their portfolio in the near future. This would be meant for export, mainly to supply patients with intractable epilepsy in the UK.

Real-World Evidence platform

MYCB1 is also known for its efforts to collect scientifically useful data from real patients. For this purpose, it has developed the ALETTA platform. “Bedrocan’s high-quality cannabis is the most researched in the world, with a robust body of literature supporting its use. By combining our full spectrum extract with ALETTA, our Real-World Evidence platform, we are poised to advance the scientific understanding of cannabis therapy even further”, Ernesto says.

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