Advanced inhaler with Bedrocan cannabis available in Australia

An advanced inhaler containing Bedrocan cannabis is now available on prescription to patients in Australia. It concerns the SyqeAir inhaler, a high-tech device capable of delivering precise aerosolized amounts of the active ingredients of the standardised cannabis grown by Bedrocan. It can assist doctors and patients with establishing optimal dosing.

The Israeli MedTech company Syqe Medical has spent eight years developing this device. It has already been available in Israel, and now it is also in Australia. Novachem, the Australian distributor of Bedrocan products, will market the SyqeAir. The device currently costs AU$ 880 (€ 565). Due to its advanced technology, the SyqeAir is of a completely different calibre than other inhalers on the market. Novachem hopes health insurers will therefore be inclined to reimburse the inhaler, at least partially. Novachem also expects that the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will be interested in subsidising the costs. Andrew Heath, Novachem’s business development manager, said: “With other inhalers, you do not know exactly how much of the active substances you, as a patient, actually intake. So you never know for sure what the effect is and whether you have taken in too much or too little. SyqeAir inhaler will offer a distinct advantage.”

Pre-packaged cartridges

The SyqeAir pre-packaged cartridges contain Bedrocan cannabis, which is known for its constant composition and is therefore suitable for precise dosing. Available on prescription, each cartridge contains 60 doses, which can be administered in increments of 250 µg THC, up to 1,000 µg.

CEO Jaap Erkelens is pleased with the availability of the SyqeAir Inhaler in Australia: “Australian patients can safely administer our product with this inhaler. Syqe Medical has conducted extensive clinical research showing that the SyqeAir Inhaler has an analgesic effect at low THC doses in patients with neuropathic pain/complex-regional pain syndrome. The precise dosing mechanism of the inhaler will hopefully convince doctors to prescribe medical cannabis more often.”

vaporizer SyqeAir Inhaler

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