Bedrocan joins discussions at World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum in Davos starts today and for the first time (medicinal) cannabis is part of the discussions being held there. Our founder and CEO Tjalling Erkelens will join these discussions for the rest of this week. His message will focus on the company’s core values: separation of markets (medical vs recreational) and global harmonisation of laws and regulations in order ease patient access and allow for easier transfer of products around the world.

Cannabis Conclave

This Thursday Tjalling Erkelens will also attend the Cannabis Conclave in Davos to discuss the global cannabis movement with other cannabis leaders and investors. The Cannabis Conclave is a unique opportunity to network and hear insights shared by some of the leading cannabis executives, global investors, and policy makers.

Consumer Choice Center

The Consumer Choice Center is hosting the three-hour event taking place at Restaurant Höhenweg. The Consumer Choice Center (CCC) is a global consumer group working on local, national, and UN level to promote consumer choice and liberalization (from sharing economy to lifestyle freedom, to trade, to digital economy).


Canaccord is the co-sponsor and wants to use this event to fuel the legalisation debate in Europe and show how legitimate and mature this industry in parts of North and South America is.

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