Coronavirus update from Bedrocan

We are in a strange and uncertain time. In just a few weeks, the coronavirus has changed our lives completely. Health has become everyone’s primary concern.

At this moment, Bedrocan´s production and supply chain are not affected. As standard, we maintain several months of supply for our critical stocks. Also, in case of a crisis, we can continue to function as normal with minimal personnel. That is the advantage of working within a highly controlled environment where little human action is required.

Several corona measures

Bedrocan did, of course, implement several measures in line with the recommendations of the Dutch authorities. For instance, all our office personnel is working from home and all travels, company visits and external meetings have been cancelled.

From a sales perspective, we are not affected. All orders from our sole client (the Office of Medicinal cannabis, part of the Dutch Ministry of Health) are executed as usual and delivered at the agreed times for now.

At Bedrocan, we hope that during these days everyone can find their way, no matter how difficult the situation is. Ultimately, it is all about our health and that binds us all.

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