There is still a great deal to learn about cannabis.

At Bedrocan we consider scientific research a vital tool to make medicinal cannabis an approved therapeutic product. We are proud of the scientific contributions we have already made to this field.  Bedrocan has always been interested in different forms of collaboration. That’s why we support clinical trials worldwide, and offer our services and experience to numerous research partners. Indeed, for over a decade we have partnered with academia, government, research organisations, and like-minded companies.

Bedrocan is the only company in the world that has the proven capability of producing standardised cannabis flos (whole, dried flower). A critical factor for building the evidence-base of medicinal cannabis, standardisation provides the ability to compare findings from different clinical trials and studies across time.

Bedrocan has been developing exclusive partnerships with experienced individuals and organisations to further research agendas, and to provide pharmaceutical quality cannabis under federally regulated medicinal cannabis programmes. Bedrocan is one of the world’s few sources (via the OMC) of research-grade cannabis materials, including five cannabis flos strains with matching placebos. We have also developed validated methods for analysis of cannabinoids and terpenes in flos, oils, and vapour.

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